Durham, M. P., Adams, K. J., Shimp-Bowerman, J., Berning, J. M., Peitzmeier, G. A., Kipp, R., & Swank, A. M. (2000). Comparison of active isolated stretching and static stretching on hamstring flexibility. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1529.

Active Ss (M = 5; F = 10) were divided into two groups and performed static or active isolated stretching on the hamstrings of both legs. Two sessions per week for four weeks were conducted. Static stretching consisted of two stretches holding each for 15 seconds. Active isolated stretching consisted of performing two sets of 10 stretches holding each stretch for 2 seconds.

Neither group significantly improved in flexibility because of the experience. Two stretching sessions per week might not have been sufficient for stimulus effects to persist.

Implication. Stretching twice a week over four weeks has no effect on flexibility in active Ss. Static and active isolated stretching are similar in their effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

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