Koesterer, T. J., Mieggs, R. A., Hyland, P. J., Peterson, A. J., Braithwaite, R., & MacConnie, S. E. (2003). The effects of strength versus endurance resistance training programs on performance of female crew athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 35(5), Supplement abstract 1631.

Women's varsity crew members (N = 20) completed resistance training using two types of content over a six week period. Endurance-resistance (ER; N = 11) consisted of a progressively increasing repetition program (maximum repetitions = 20). Strength and power (SP; N = 7) completed a progressively decreasing repetition program (maximum repetitions = 3).

Both groups improved across the period of training but only the bench press gained significantly more in the SP group when compared to the ER group. Ergometer performance (2,000 m time trial), VO2max, and blood lactate were not different between training emphases. Endurance resistance training did not produce any beneficial effects.

Implication. Resistance training for power or endurance had no performance benefits for female rowers.

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