Fincher II, G. E., & Goodson, T. L. (2002). The effect of high intensity resistance training on isotonic strength among female collegiate basketball players. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 1124.

Moderately resistance trained female basketball players were assigned to a single set (N = 6) or multiple set (N = 6) exhaustive high intensity resistance (6-10 RM) training program for 10 weeks. The single-set group performed to absolute volitional fatigue beyond 6-10 reps. The multiple-set group did not perform to volitional fatigue. [The degree of fatigue was different between groups and therefore, constitutes a confounding factor.]

The single-set exhaustive group improved 1 RM strength and isotonic strength significantly more than the multiple-set group.

Implication. Single-set exhaustive exercise improved strength more than multiple-set exercise. Findings were confounded by the addition of the fatigue variable, which could be the cause of differences or interacted with the main variable (number of sets) to cause the differences.

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