Achten, J., Wallis, G. A., Shaw, C., Tarnopolsky, M. A., Greeves, J. P., & Casey, A. (2004). Differences in substrate utilization between men and women disappear after a period of intensified training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 36(5), Supplement abstract 158.

Training of Ss (M = 6; F = 6) was intensified for 7 days. During the 11-day experiment, Ss received a diet of 8 gm/kg free-fatty mass per day and 15% E% protein. At the beginning and end of the training period Ss completed a VO2max test and 60-min of cycling at 90% lactate threshold followed by a time-trial. Mood state was assessed by the POMS and DALDA.

No gender differences were found for maximal workload, time-trial performance, or total mood score. Maximal workload and time trial performances decreased to a similar extent. Total mood score increased significantly in men and women. Total CHO oxidation decreased significantly after training in men but not in women. The change in total CHO oxidation was such that the initial gender difference had disappeared at the completion of the training.

Implication. Performance decrement and mood state changed similarly in both men and women after seven days of intense training. After training, the gender differences in substrate utilization had disappeared.

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