Kleshnev, V., & Kleshneva, E. (1995). Relationship of total work performance with part performance of main body segments during rowing ergometry. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 27(5), Supplement abstract 511.

How total work during rowing ergometry relates to the performance of three main body segments (arms, legs, trunk) was analyzed. A strong positive relationship was found between each segment and total performance. However, when all data were combined and partial correlations computed, there was a strong and significant relationship between total work and trunk action, a weak negative relationship with the legs, and a non-significant relationship with the arms.

Implication. The major focus for force production in the technique of rowing should be the trunk action. To emphasize either the legs or arms over the trunk would be to coach a style that is not associated with the most effective power. The arms and legs should be used to facilitate the complete and most effective action of the trunk possible.

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