Hill, D. W. (1995). Energy cost of middle distance running races. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 27(5), Supplement abstract 45.

Estimates of the energy contributions to performing three middle distance races were obtained by combining both laboratory and field measurements on Ss in multiple races. The estimates were:


% Anaerobic

% Aerobic

400 m

68 +- 6%

32 +- 6%

800 m

42 +- 5%

58 +- 5%

1500 m

20 +- 4%

80 +- 4%

Implication. These estimates are similar to those for swimming and kayak races of a like duration. It would appear for 800 m races and longer that aerobic training will be a greater determinant of success than anaerobic (sprint) training because aerobic energy makes the dominant contribution.

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