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This workshop is designed to focus on the psychological factors which are important for preparing for a competition on the day of an important contest. The appropriate behaviors for preparation need to be learned, planned, and practiced in order to be effective.

Several experiences are provided in this workshop. Lectures focus on the description and explanation of important content. To adapt this content to various classes of sports, practical sessions will be held where participants can combine their knowledges to develop content with is presented. Another function is the practice of self-suggestion and visualization techniques. These acts needs to be learned and perfected to be fully effective. The combined impact of these forms of activity should be heightened awareness of and capacity to enact influential and appropriate psychological behaviors which will minimize the athlete's chances of an inferior performance.

The content of this workshop is based on the text Mental skills training for sportsdistributed by Sports Science Associates, 4225 Orchard Drive, Spring Valley, California, 91977, authored by Brent S. Rushall.

Prospective Audience

Professional and elite athletes, professional/national coaches, and applied sport psychologists.

  1. Athlete Centered Problems that Affect Competition Performance

  2. Procedures for Competition Preparation: Part I

  3. Procedures for Competition Preparation: Part II

  4. Content of Competition Strategies

  5. Applied Procedures

  6. Measurement Procedures


A master copy of a workbook which needs to be reproduced and distributed to participants will be supplied. The workbook is approximately 100 pages in length.

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