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This workshop expands on the content of the book Mental Skills Training for Sports and serves as a method for introducing coaches to mental skills training for athletes. It also serves to explain the content for self-help programs by individual athletes. The conduct of this workshop is different to most others because a copy of the actual text needs to be provided each attender. The outcome of this experience should be an enthusiasm and confidence for introducing mental skills training as part of sporting programs.

Prospective Audience

Coaches, serious athletes, students of sport, and sport psychologists.

  1. Potential Users of Mental Skills Training
  2. Increasing the Positive Aspects of a Sporting Experience
  3. Goal-setting
  4. The Development of Commitment
  5. Performance Enhancement Imagery
  6. Relaxation
  7. Precompetition Mental Skills
  8. Competition Mental Skills
  9. Team-building


This workshop is a departure from other workshops as it requires each participant to have a copy of the text Mental skills training for sports authored by Brent S. Rushall. Workshop organizers will have to plan to procure and charge participants for copies of this text.

Reference Rushall, B. S. (1995). Mental skills training for sports: Second edition. Sports Science Associates, 4225 Orchard Road, Spring Valley, CA 91977.

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