These workshops are designed to "bridge-the-gap" between the scientist and the practitioner. They should produce a meaningful experience for all participants and have a reputation for being stimulating, provocative, and extremely practical.

Each workshop includes a time estimate for content presentation. Organizers will need to add extra time for coffee and meal breaks, for question time, and for administration (particularly late enrollment and workbook distribution).

The presenter prefers to have question times at the end of the workshop since the materials and topics are integrated to produce, in its final impact, a comprehensive picture and understanding in the participants. It has been found that most participants' questions are answered in time during the presentation. However, it has proven to be fruitful to have a general question period at the end of the total experience. It is recommended that 30 minutes be set aside for such an activity.

Organizers should plan a time period for the actual event that exceeds the time indicated for each presentation. Breaks and scheduling of the content can be accommodated to suit organizers' needs (e.g., it is possible to present one workshop on two successive nights if the content is broken into two halves).

The descriptions of the workshops offered in this booklet are aimed at mixed audiences. However, it is possible for these topics to be directly centered on specific sport groups. When a single sport is emphasized, the time for the workshops is reduced slightly since multiple examples need not necessarily be given for the major principles that are discussed.

Some workshops are based on the content of texts written by the author. Organizers may wish to include a copy of the appropriate text as part of the workshop materials and add its cost to the registration materials.

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