Reer, R., Ramcke, C., Ziegler, M. von Duvillard, S. P., & Braumann, K.-M. (2007). Spiroergometry in the swim flume: Comparison of stroke rate between sprint and endurance swimmers. ACSM Annual Meeting New Orleans, Presentation Number, 1451.

The purpose of this study was to assess differences in stroke rate between endurance and sprint swimmers. Ss were male endurance swimmers (N = 18) and sprint swimmers (N = 18). Ss performed a standardized incremental spiroergometry test in a swim flume (initial velocity: 0.90 m/s; followed by an increase of 0.05 m/s every three minutes with one minute recovery after each exercise increment). Arm stroke rate was determined during the last 30 seconds of each exercise increment.

Endurance swimmers exhibited lower stroke rates at all exercise intensities compared to sprinters. When relating stroke rate to body height, the differences increased.

Implication. Endurance and sprint swimmers exhibit different stroke rates, which is accentuated when relating stroke rate to body height. The lower stroke rate in endurance swimmers suggests more efficient propulsion.

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