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How to Search the Swimming Science Journal

  1. Decide on the term(s) for the search (e.g., lactate, swimming).
  2. Enter the term(s) in the search box (e.g., lactate swimming).
  3. Decide if you need to use AND or OR to make sense of the work combination.

  1. Decide if the search should be case sensitive. There might be a formula that has upper case letters, which should not be confused with a combination of the letters within a word. For example, use case "sensitive" to search for "VO". The search will return articles concerning VO2max, VO2, VO2peak, etc. It will not return articles for "involved".
  2. The method of searching is by character string. There is the possibility that some search terms will yield references beyond the search string. For example, searching "rowing" will yield articles on "growing" and "throwing". It is best to determine a unique term that is not likely to be confused in the search.
  3. Search results are returned as a series of links, each link pointing to a specific item in the web site. Tables of Contents from specific sections of the Swimming Science Journal that focus on topics associated with the search term(s) may also be included.
  4. Clicking on a link takes the user to a specific article. To return to the search results use the browser "back" button.