Matsunami, M., Taimura, A., Suga, M., Taba, S., & Taguchi, M. (2000). An effective field test to determine the endurance training speed for competitive swimmers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1690.

This study evaluated whether a 10-minute swimming test (T10) might yield the maximal aerobic swimming speed for endurance training. Male college swimmers (N = 9) performed the T10 and T30 swimming tests, and two kinds of interval training involving 10 x 200 m. A pacemaker on the pool bottom controlled swimming velocity.

Swimming velocity and blood lactates for the T10 were significantly higher than for the T30 test. An interval set conducted at the T10 velocity also yielded velocities, heart rates, and blood lactates that were significantly higher than those for the same set performed at T30 velocity.

Implication. Training paces implied from T10 tests produce significantly different and greater physiological responses to those obtained from a T30 test. What value either test has for race-specific conditioning remains to be demonstrated.

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