Leenders, N., Sherman, W. M., Lamb, D. R., & Nelson, T. E. (1999). Creatine supplementation and swimming performance. International Journal of Sport Nutrition, 9, 251-262.

The effects of oral creatine supplementation and a placebo on swimming velocity over two sets of different distances were compared between genders. Two weeks of supplementation were given to varsity swimmers (M = 18; F = 14). Swimming velocity was assessed twice weekly with a 6 x 50-y set, and weekly with a 10 x 25-y set.

There was no effect of creatine supplementation on the 10 x 25-y sets for men or women. Creatine supplementation significantly improved the 6 x 50-m set in men, but not in women. This effect was only evident after two weeks of supplementation.

The effects of creatine supplementation in swimming appear to be gender and distance specific.

Implication. Creatine supplementation does not influence repeated sprint performances in women over 25-y and 50-y distances. It does not influence 25-y repetitions in men, but does influence 50-y repetitions.

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