Dean, C. M., Adams, K. J., Hodgkins, T. D., Durham, M. P., Ritch, D. M., & Swank, A. M. (2001). Changes in vital capacity for swimmers and nordic skiers over 180 days in-season training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 320.

This study analyzed changes in vital capacity for collegiate male swimmers (N = 8) and cross country skiers (N = 7). All athletes had limited pre-season training and therefore, had room to demonstrate improvements.

Swimmers significantly increased their vital capacity whereas skiers did not. Such a demonstration is not likely in swimmers who are continually training-adapted. It was hypothesized that swimmers' improvements are caused by the large ventilatory strain inherent in their sport training.

Implication. An increased vital capacity is one of the training responses in swimmers who gain fitness.

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