Table of Contents

Volume 1

  1. Technique, Overload, and Specificity.
  2. Emphases for Training: Part I.
  3. Emphases for Training: Part II.
  4. Emphases for Training: Part III.
  5. Champion Characteristics.

Volume 2

  1. How to Develop Healthy Attitudes Towards Racing in Age-group Swimmers.
  2. Modern Concepts and Principles for Weight Training in Swimming.
  3. Features of Crawl Instruction for Coaching Junior Swimmers.
  4. Training Prescription: The Relationships of Technique, Overload, and Specificity.
  5. Strength and Power Testing (Dynamometry).
  6. Breathing Actions in Butterfly Swimming.

Volume 3

  1. Something to Learn from the Russians.
  2. Fuel-up for Training.
  3. Why Swimmers Slow Down.
  4. Pre-publication Abstract: Altitude Training and Its Effects on Highly-trained Swimmers.
  5. Ways to Improve Elite Swim Coaching.

Volume 4

  1. Some Considerations in the Coaching of Young and Developing Swimmers.
  2. Recovering from Excessive Distance Training.
  3. Some Principles of Technique That Should Govern Coaching Decisions.

Volume 5

  1. Still More on Drag Versus Lift Propulsion in Swimming.
  2. Body Dynamics in Crawl and Backstrokes: Myths Dispelled?
  3. The Crawl Stroke Kick - Not Propulsive but It Aids Progression.
  4. Factors Involved in Crawl Stroke Recovery Movements.
  5. An Assessment Form for Tours, Trips, and Camps.
  6. Sickness and Training: What Should the Parent, Coach, and Swimmer Do?

Volume 6

  1. Basic Principles Underlying Racing Dives.
  2. Shoulder Problems with Swimmers: An Explanation by Dr. Larry Weisenthal.
  3. More on Shoulder Injuries Caused by Poor Technique: A Dialog with Dr. Larry Weisenthal.

Volume 7

  1. Why pacing is critical in swimming.
  2. The sequencing of race-pace training stimuli in a phase of a swimming program.
  3. Wave drag needs attention.

Volume 8

  1. 20 evidence-based principles for coaching competitive swimmers.
  2. The specificity of neuromuscular patterns in swimming activities.
  3. The use of drills and the Transfer Paradox in competitive swimming.

Volume 9

  1. On one aspect of wave resistance in swimming.

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