Brent S. Rushall [07/01/2000]

"Since flippers, webbed-gloves, fins, friction-reducing lotions, and bodysuits all have to be worn on the body, they should all be viewed under the same FINA rule. That rule is SW 10.7. Anything that is worn on the body should also conform to the modesty requirements of the costumes rule, BUT not viewed only by that rule. The overriding consideration should be the effect of anything worn on any part of the body that alters performance unnaturally by increasing buoyancy, speed, and/or improving physiological function. To not consider this, will irrevocably change the nature of competitive swimming to its detriment.

Anything that contacts a swimmer's body should be fully reviewed under rule SW 10.7 to completely evaluate if it affects buoyancy, speed, and physiological function. When any of these effects are evidenced, the item should be banned from use in the sport."

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