Vandewalle, H., Peres, G., Sourabie, B., Stouvenal, O., & Monod, H. (1989). Force-velocity relationship and maximal aerobic power during cranking exercise in young swimmers. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 10, 439-445.

The relationship of age and maximal anaerobic power was assessed in 28 young male swimmers. Measurements were taken on an arm cycle ergometer and a vertical jump test. Tests were repeated at various times within a 12-month period.

It was found that younger swimmers were less powerful than older swimmers although none were as powerful as adults. These differences were also noted in the vertical jump test. There was a strong relationship between the power of cranking and the vertical jump.

Implications. Irrespective of body mass, young children are less powerful than adults in both arms and legs. Measures increase with maturity.

Events and performance expectations for young swimmers should be related to the capabilities of children which are very different to those of adults.

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