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[This is a listing of publicly announced and client-acknowledged consultations. Other consultations have taken place and remain confidential and will not be disclosed by this party.]

International Olympic Committee: Olympic Solidarity Program - lecturer for skiing, judo, rowing, swimming, and field-hockey.

Canadian Olympic Trust: Game Plan '76 Committee.

Canadian Olympic Association:

Canadian Commonwealth Games Association:

XV Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee:

Canadian Amateur Swimming Association:

Canadian Ski Association, Jumping Division: National Team Psychologist; Chairman of the Scientific Support Committee, 1982-1984.

Canadian Ski Association, Alpine Division: Athlete evaluation.

Canadian Ski Association, Cross Country Canada: Sport Science Committee; lecturer; consultant.

Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association:

Canadian Amateur Swimming Association, Nova Scotia Section: Program development; O'Keefe project director.
Canadian Canoeing Association: O'Keefe project director; Program development.
Association of Nova Scotia Oarsmen: O'Keefe project director; professional coach.
Canadian Water Ski Association: Athlete evaluation.
Canadian Rugby Union: Program development.
Shooting Federation of Canada: Athlete evaluation; lecturer.
Coaching Association of Canada: Lecturer; program development; contract writing.
O'Keefe Sports Foundation: Researcher; Professional rowing coach.
Canadian Yachting Association: Lecturer.
Canadian Diving Association: Athlete evaluation; lecturer; writer.

Canadian Amateur Rowing Association: Athlete evaluation; lecturer; tutor coach.
Canadian Amateur Basketball Association: Athlete evaluation.
Canadian Volleyball Association: Lecturer.
Synchro-Swim Canada: Athlete evaluation.
Skate Canada: Athlete evaluation; lecturer.
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association: Lecturer.
Canadian Track and Field Association: Athlete evaluation.
Canadian Ski Association, Biathlon Division: Program development.
National Coaching Institute, Canada: Lecturer, consultant
Rowing British Columbia, Canada: Lecturer

United States Olympic Committee: Athlete Education Mentoring Network: Counselor.
United States Volleyball Association: Olympic athlete evaluation.
American Swim Coaches' Association: Lecturer.
USROWING (United States Rowing Association): Research Committee, lecturer
Westminster Schools and Georgia Technical University: Lecturer.
USA Canoe and Kayak Team: Athlete evaluation; national team sport psychologist.
Field Hockey Association of America: Lecturer.
USA Judo Federation: Researcher
US Swimming: Athlete evaluation; National Team support staff (psychologist).
Federal Government of Australia: National lecture tour for swimming, 1975.

Australian Swimming Union: Consultant; lecturer; Olympic Team advisor.
New South Wales Cricket Association: Athlete evaluation.
Australian Coaching Council: Contract writing.
New South Wales Swimming Association: Lecturer; workshop conductor; Coaching Certification instructor, Consultant, Director of Coaching, State Squad coaching staff, tutor coach, Atlanta96 Project Director.
Confederation of Australian Sport: National lecture tour 1982.
Australian Institute of Sport: Lecturer; consultant.
Pistol Shooting Federation of Australia: Lecturer.
Australian Amateur Rowing Council: Athlete evaluation, lecturer.
New South Wales Academy of Sport: Consultant, lecturer, Director of NSW Atlanta96 Swimming Squad, Course assessor.

New South Wales Government; Department of Sport, Recreation, and Racing: Lecturer
Illawara Academy of Sport, Australia: Lecturer.
All Australia Netball Association: Lecturer.
Australian Rugby Union: Consultant.
Australian Rugby League Players' Association: Consultant.
Australian Capital Territory Academy of Sport, Australia: Lecturer
Hunter Academy of Sport, Australia: Lecturer
North Coast Academy of Sport, Australia: Lecturer
Victorian Institute of Sport, Australia: Lecturer, consultant
New Zealand Government Inquiry Into Sport: Consultant.
New Zealand Swimming Association: Consultant psychologist.

Coaches' Association of New Zealand: Lecturer.
World Diving Coaches' Association: Lecturer.
National Hockey League: Athlete evaluation.
Federation Internationale de Ski: Lecturer.
Singapore Sports Council: Lecturer.
Federation Internationale des Societies d'Aviron: Lecturer
Comite Olympique et Interfederal Belge (Belgium): Lecturer
National Coaching Centre, Scottish Sports Council: Lecturer
New Zealand Swimming Association: Consultant psychologist.
New South Wales Institute of Sport: Consultant and lecturer in psychology.

New South Wales Rugby Union (Waratahs): Sport Psychology services.
Rugby League Professionals Association (Australia): Consultant.
Carlile Swimming (NSW, Australia): Workshops and in-service training provider; consultant.

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