Wilk, B., Brien, E., & Bar-Or, O. (1999). Carbohydrate drink content and voluntary drinking pattern in boys exercising in the heat. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 1484.

Children exercising in the heat need to take fluid frequently to prevent dehydration. When a CHO supplement is used, it is possible that the concentration of CHO might affect the volume of fluid ingested. Young boys (9-12 yr; N = 11) performed three identical sessions (35 degrees, Celsius, 50% relative humidity) consisting of four 20-minute exercises at 50% VO2max, with an inter-bout rest of 10 minutes. Grape flavored chilled water, 6% CHO supplement, and 12% CHO supplement were ingested, each on one particular occasion.

Drink intake was 5.5% higher in the 6% CHO condition than the water alone condition. It was 9.4% lower than water-alone in the 12% CHO condition. All components of body fluid balance and physiological and perceptual variables were similar between conditions.

Implication. CHO drinks, which are too concentrated, reduce the perceived need of young boys to drink.

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