Hale, B. S., Kageyama, N. J., &Raglin, J. S. (2002). Changes in acute mood state and fatigue-index during 6-d of intensive cycling training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34(5), Supplement abstract 1324.

The mood of collegiate cyclists (N = 8) was monitored before and after daily workouts across six days of intense training. Increased intensity was achieved by increasing daily training from two hours to four hours. The POMS was completed twice daily to assess pre- and post-training moods. Ratings of perceived exertion were assessed daily.

Significant changes were noted only for the POMS post-training fatigue scale and fatigue index. Scores were elevated by the end of day 2. Pre-exercise POMS fatigue scores were changed at day 4.

Implication. Pre- and post-exercise fatigue scores on the POMS yield different results in intense training. It is possible that post-exercise scores reflect the severity of a training session while pre-exercise scores reflect accumulated general fatigue.

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