Bruce, C. R., Anderson, M. E., Fraser, S. F., Stepto, N. K., Klein, R., Hopkins, W. G., & Hawley, J. A. (2000). Enhancement of 2000-m rowing performance following caffeine ingestion. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 127.

Oarsmen (N = 8) performed three familiarization trials and three experimental trials, three to seven days apart, of a 2000-m trial on an air-braked ergometer. In the experimental trials, a placebo or 6 or 9 mg/kg of caffeine was ingested one hour before each exercise. Ss could not distinguish between drug and placebo treatments.

Both doses of caffeine had similar ergogenic effects. Performance was decreased by 1.2% when compared to placebo. Some individual differences and masking effects were observed.

Implication. Caffeine generally improves endurance performance in rowing in males but with individual variations.

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