Bell, D. G., McLellan, T. M., & Sabiston, C. M. (2002). Effect of ingesting caffeine and ephedrine on 10-km run performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34, 344-349.

This study determined if the addition of ephedrine to caffeine would improve extended running performance (longer than 20-min). Ss performed a 10-km treadmill running task while wearing an 11-kg helmet and backpack. Four conditions were experienced: placebo, caffeine (4 mg/kg), ephedrine (0.8 mg/kg), and caffeine plus ephedrine.

Run times were significantly reduced under the ephedrine and caffeine + ephedrine trials when compared to the non-ephedrine trials. Pace also increased over the latter half of the run in the ephedrine trials. VO2 and RPE did not differ across trials, but heart rate was higher for ephedrine conditions. Both caffeine and ephedrine changed blood and endocrinal variables.

Implication. Ephedrine had an ergogenic effect while a previously shown additive effect of caffeine and ephedrine was not demonstrated.

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