Wiener, S. P., Garger, C. E., & Manfredi, T. G. (1995). A comparison of exercise performance on bicycle and rowing ergometers in female master recreational rowers. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 35, 176-180.

Experienced female masters level rowers (N = 6) performed incremental exercise on a variable resistance rowing ergometer and a cycle ergometer.

VO2max, minute ventilation, a blood lactate levels one minute after exercises were similar for both devices. Maximal heart rate was significantly higher on the cycle ergometer and peak power was significantly lower on the rowing ergometer. Ventilatory threshold levels were significantly higher on the rowing ergometer.

Implication. Cycle and rowing ergometers yield relatively similar results when testing maximal exercise performance. The Principle of Specificity was not supported in this class of athlete on these two devices.

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