Szymanski, D. J., McIntyre, J. S., Madsen, N., & Pascoe, D. D. (2001). The effects of overweighted softball bats on bat swing and hand velocities. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 1346.

College softball players (N = 18) performed bat swings using regular, and either balanced-weighted (the weight was through the bat core), or unbalanced-weighted (the weight was at the bat end) bats. Ss trained with the bats five days a week for four weeks. Each day, 50 trials were performed using the assigned bat. Bat swing and hand velocities were measured with the normal and weighted bat.

Neither weighted-bat training condition increased hand or bat velocities when using the natural bat. Ball contact significantly reduced bat velocity. No evaluation was made about the effect of the contrived bats on swing accuracy or effectiveness.

Implication. Weighted bats do no improve natural hand or bat swing velocities.

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