Sandoval, D. A., & Matt, K. S. (2000). Hypoxia and gender alters metabolic and hormonal response to exercise. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1223.

The effects of gender on physiological responses to hypoxic (O2 = 13%) and normoxic (O2 = 20.9%) conditions were studied. Women (N = 8), taking oral contraceptives, and men (N = 8) with similar VO2max were assessed for cardiovascular, metabolic, and endocrine factors. Ss were measured before, during, and after three consecutive 5-min workloads (30, 45, 60% VO2max) in both conditions.

Hypoxia accentuated exercise-induced increases in heart rate, lactate, and cortisol. Gender further moderated the changes by increasing lactate in men and increasing cortisol and glucose (in both conditions) in women.

Implication. Females have characteristics that respond differently in hypoxia than do males.

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