Peterson, C. M., Walker, A. J., Leon, A. S., Nesser, T. W., Chen, S. P., & Gaskill, S. E. (2000). The effects of sports nutrition education on dietary patterns in adolescent female cross-country skiers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1403.

The effects of an original sports nutrition education program in improving the dietary choices of female adolescent cross-country skiers (N = 16; 14-17 yr) was studied. Athletes attended a 30-minute sports nutrition seminar once a week for seven weeks.

Ss increased their knowledge about appropriate food choices. However, there was no change in dietary behaviors at the end of training or at a four months follow-up. Education alone is not a sufficient vehicle for dietary behavior change.

Implication. Nutrition education does not change dietary habits.

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