Callister, R., & McLaren, P. (2001). Influence of gender and maturation on the stroke volume response to exercise in children. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 204.

Boys (N = 60) and girls (N = 61), ranging in ages 8-17 years, were evaluated for stroke volume changes associated with age of maturation and gender.

The capacity to increase stroke volume during exercise increased with maturation and at each stage of maturation (pre-pubertal, peripubertal, post-pubertal). Boys increased more than girls (PRE 19% vs 13%; PERI 31% vs 26%; POST 42 % vs 31%). PRE and PERI girls were chronologically younger than boys at the same maturational age. Peak oxygen consumption relative to body weight did not change significantly with maturation in boys or girls, and only POST boys had higher values than POST girls.

Implication. Stroke volume with each stage of maturation increases more in boys than girls.

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