Beilock, S. L., Feltz, D. L., & Pivarnik, J. M. (2001). Training patterns of athletes during pregnancy and postpartum. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 72, 39-46.

Competitive female athletes (N = 26), who had given birth within the previous 10 years, completed surveys concerning a) training patterns before, during, and after pregnancy, b) childbirth complications and training advice, c) perceptions of success in postpartum participation, and d) self-efficacy, social support, and perceived barriers to training during and after pregnancy.

Both endurance and resistance training were decreased during pregnancy. Training efforts during pregnancy were independent of pre- and post-pregnancy training levels. This suggests that pregnancy has little effect on post-pregnancy training.

Implication. Modifications of training forms and effort levels during pregnancy, have little effect on training when exercise is resumed after delivery.

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