Backman, L. D., Taylor, A. W., & Lemon, P. W. (2000). Effect of isoenergetic high vs low protein supplementation on body composition and performance in female rowers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 1664.

This study assessed whether a protein/energy supplement could enhance body composition and/or rowing performance in female varsity rowers (N = 16). Ss consumed 16 g carbohydrate and either a high protein (40 g protein, 0 gm fat) or low protein (8.5 gm protein, 14 g fat) as a dietary supplement for 19 days of off-season training.

Performance and body composition factors improved significantly over the period of the study, however, there was no difference between treatments.

Implication. Energy (CHO) supplementation appears to improve off-season training responses in female rowers.

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