Andrews, J., Sedlock, D. A., Flynn, M. G., Navalta, J., & Ji, H. (2001). Carbohydrate loading and supplementation in trained female runners. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 933.

The effects of carbohydrate (CHO) loading and supplementation, as well as supplementation alone, on metabolic and performance factors were assessed. Female endurance athletes (N = 7) performed a 15-mile self-paced treadmill run on three occasions, each one month apart. CHO trials involved 6g/kg of 6% CHO beverage five minutes before and 3 g/kg every 20 minutes during exercise following four days of a mixed CHO diet, and following four days of a high CHO diet. The control condition consisted of a placebo beverage following four days of a mixed CHO diet.

No significant effects were found for performance times, VO2max, or heart rate. There was a significant interaction effect for glucose, with higher oxidation rates and higher glucose levels during the supplementation conditions.

Implication. CHO loading and supplementation does not improve performance in women.

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