Adams, K. J., Shimp-Bowerman, J. A., Pearson, M., Berning, J. M., Seven-Adams, P. G., & Harris, C. (2000). Concurrent strength and endurance training effects on anaerobic power. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 32(5), Supplement abstract 540.

Female Ss currently training aerobically were assigned to either an endurance only (N = 7) or an endurance plus strength training (N = 14) group. The strength group added high-intensity overload strength work twice a week for six weeks. Tests were performed on a bicycle ergometer.

The endurance-only group did not change any anaerobic factors over the duration of the study. The strength-plus group improved in all variables (vertical jump, peak watts, watts per kg of body weight, watts per kg of lean body mass, and Wingate bicycle test).

Implication. Strength training added to endurance training improved anaerobic features of performance.

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