Turner, A. M., Owings, J. M., & Schwane, J. A. (1999). Six weeks of plyometric training (Plyom) improves running economy (Econ). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 1556.

Recreational distance runners were assigned to experimental (M = 4; F = 6) or control (M = 4; F = 4) groups. Ss continued with normal training but the experimental group undertook additional plyometric training for six weeks.

Running economy was improved in the plyometrics group but unchanged in the control group. There were no changes in a variety of jumping tests or efficiency variables that would have indicated improved ability to use elastic energy. The mechanism for the change in economy was not revealed among the variables used in this study.

Implication. Running economy is improved by six weeks of plyometric training, but jumping is not.

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