Tokeshi, S. A., Kraemer, W. J., Nindl, B. C., Gotshalk, L. A., Marx, J. O., Harman, F. S., Lamont, H. S., Sebastianelli, W. J., Putukian, Fleck, S., Newton, R. U., & Hakkinen, K. (1998). Power and strength in women: Adaptations following six months of resistance training. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 937.

The effects of a periodized, total-body strength power (TBSP: 3-8 repetitions for 3 sets each of 8 exercise performed explosively, 120 seconds rest between sets; N = 17)) and a total body strength/hypertrophy (TBSH: 8-12 repetitions for 3 sets of 8 exercise, 45-90 seconds rest between sets; N = 19) form of training on strength and power in women were assessed. Training lasted six months and was performed three times per week.

Both groups improved significantly on all variables one condition being better than the other in a few variables. Neither regimen was superior to the other in overall improvement.

Implication. Women can improve in power and strength over an extended period of time, the improvements being dependent upon the specificity of the program.

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