Paula, K. C., Carvalho, A. C., Azevedo, T. M., & Nobrega, A. C. (1998). Interaction between resistance and flexibility training in healthy young adults. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 1135.

This study assessed whether resistance training modified the changes in joint range of motion developed through flexibility training. Young adult Ss (M = 26; F = 15) were allocated to one of four groups: i) resistance training, ii) flexibility training, iii) resistance and flexibility training, and iv) no training.

There was no change in either muscle strength or flexibility in the control group. Muscle strength improved in both resistance-training groups. Flexibility improved in both flexibility training groups but was unchanged in the resistance training only group.

Implication. Resistance training did not affect gains developed through flexibility training.

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