Lepers, R., Pousson, M. L., Maffiuletti, N. A., Martin, A., Van Hoecke, J. (2000) The effects of a prolonged running exercise on strength characteristics. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 21, 275-280.

Concentric, isometric, and eccentric strength changes in the quadriceps muscle following prolonged running (two hours) were investigated in male triathletes (N = 12).

Counter-movement jumps decreased by 10% and peak torque values were significantly less at all movement velocities. Torque loss was significantly greater for eccentric contractions (18-21%) than for concentric contractions (11-14%). EMG activity was lower after running.

Prolonged running affects eccentric contractile strength most as well as concentric contractile strength and appears to be mediated by an impairment of the contractile mechanism rather than a modification of neural input.

Implication. In the sequencing of training session activities, perform strength activities before prolonged endurance activities.

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