Evans, A. K., Durham, M. P., Hodgkins, T. D., Sinclair, D. R., & Adams, K. J. (2001). Acute effects of bench press on power output during a subsequent ballistic bench throw. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 1820.

This investigation evaluated the effects of three different bench press RM loads on the subsequent power output of a ballistic bench throw. Males (N = 7) served as Ss. 1-RM was measured and 5-RM and 10-RM were determined from prediction tables. Bench throws involved only the concentric action (starting from the chest). Peak power was measured. Testing involved a warm-up throw using 30% 1-RM. After resting for four minutes, Ss performed a randomly selected load (1, 5, or 10-RM). After resting again for four minutes, Ss again performed the 30% 1-RM bench throw. Pre- and post-exercise throws were compared to determine the effect of the set.

Power output increased significantly following the 5-RM exercise. No differences were observed at the other two exercise levels. This suggests there could be an optimal level of exercise stimulation that should be performed to produce the best power output. It is possible to do too much or too little preparatory exercise before a power trial.

Implication. An optimal amount of preparatory exercise facilitates power performances.

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