Demont, R. G., Lephart, S. M., Giraldo, J. L., Giannantonio, F. P., Yuktanandana, P., & Fu, F. H. (1999). Comparison of two abdominal training devices with an abdominal crunch using strength and EMG measurements. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 39, 253-258.

Training effects were compared between the Ab-Flex, Ab-Roller, and standard crunch exercise (the "control" condition) for EMG production, isometric peak voluntary contraction, and isokinetic peak torque at 30 deg/s.

Ss who had not performed any abdominal training were randomly assigned to three treatment groups. They performed 18 consecutive training sessions of progressively increasing repetitions over three weeks.

No differences were found between any of the exercise modes. There were no improvements in overall abdominal strength or reductions in body fat.

Implication. Abdominal muscle training with devices is ineffective.

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