Bishop, D., Jenkins, D. G., MacKinnon, L. T., McEniery, M., & Carey, M. F. (1999). The effects of strength training on endurance performance and muscle characteristics. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31, 886-891.

The effects of resistance training on endurance performance and selected muscle characteristics were evaluated. Endurance-trained female cyclists were assigned to two groups: resistance training (N = 14) and control (N = 7). Resistance training was performed twice per week for 12 weeks. Exercises focused on the musculature that would be appropriate for cycling.

The resistance group improved strength in the activities performed for training. There were no significant changes for either group in 1-hour cycle test performance, lactate threshold, peak oxygen consumption, muscle fiber characteristics, or enzyme activities.

Implication. Improved leg-strength does not enhance endurance cycling performance.

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