Smekal, G., Simon, D., Pokan, R., von Duvillard, S. P., Baron, R., Tschan, H., Hofmann, P, & Bachl, N. (2001). Lack of correlation between variables of endurance performance and the lactate concentration in MaxLASS. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 33(5), Supplement abstract 143.

This study investigated the relationships between lactate concentration (LA) in maximal lactate steady state (MaxLASS) and variables that may be used to determine endurance performance. Workload and O2 at maximal load and eight different points of "aerobic-anaerobic transition" were compared in Ss (M = 20; F = 20) performing two incremental tests with different steps on a cycle ergometer.

There was no relationship between VO2max and MaxLASS and maximal performance in either test. Similarly, there was no significant relationship between lactate concentration at MaxLass and workload or VO2 at any transition point.

It was suggested that the level of lactate concentration in MaxLASS does not depend on endurance capacity and correlations between lactate concentration at different points of aerobic-anaerobic transition or maximal load are insignificant.

Implication. Lactate concentrations and endurance performance are unrelated.

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