O'Brien, C., Castellani, J. W., & Young, A. J. (1999). Exertional fatigue alters cold-induced vasodilation. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 894.

"Chronic fatigue, due to repeated strenuous physical exertion with insufficient recovery, results in increased basal circulating norepinephrine and may reduce sensitivity to sympathetic stimulation. Thus, fatigue could alter vasomotor and skin temperature responses to cold." (p. S197) Cold-induced vasodilation was studied in Ss (N = 6) who immersed a middle finger in cold water (4 degrees Celsius). This was performed before and after five days of physically exhausting exercise.

Fatigue resulted in more rapid cold-induced vasodilation. Leaner Ss also experienced more pronounced vasodilation with fatigue.

Implication. Fatigue increases sensitivity to cold.

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