Leutholtz, B. C., Schoffstall, J. E., Branch, J. D., & Swain, D. P. (1999). Effects of dehydration and rehydration on the 1-RM bench press of weight trained males. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 31(5), Supplement abstract 1626.

The effects of dehydration and rehydration on 1-RM bench press were evaluated in weight-trained males (N = 10). Testing occurred on two days separated by one week. Dehydration was passively induced in a sauna. Rehydration (water) occurred over a two-hour period after testing.

Passive dehydration of -1.5% body mass adversely affected 1-RM strength measures. Recovery was effected by a two-hour rest period accompanied by water.

Implication. Dehydration reduces strength.

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