Carthy, M. L., Riner, W. F., Pate, R. R., Ward, D. S. Cook, D. L., &DeCillis, L. V. (1998). Protective effects of warm-up protocols in children with exercise-induced asthma. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30(5), Supplement abstract 872.

The effects of a continuous and interval exercise warm-up on the refractory period of exercise-induced asthma was evaluated in children (M = 10; F = 2; average age 9 years). Continuous plus challenging exercise, interval plus challenging exercise, and a challenging exercise alone control conditions were compared across Ss.

The interval protocol (6 x 30 s runs) decreased the symptoms of exercise induced asthma.

Implication. At least in children, interval type warms are preferable for reducing the onset of exercise induced asthma. It would be interesting to see if a similar effect occurred with older groups.

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