McConnell, A. K., Caine, M. P., & Sharpe, G. R. (1997). Inspiratory muscle fatigue following running to volitional fatigue: The influence of baseline strength. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 18, 169-173.

Respiratory muscle fatigue has been demonstrated following short-term exercise to volitional fatigue as well as following prolonged submaximal exercise. Moderately trained men (N = 24) were examined to determine if inspiratory muscle strength influences fatigability. Inspiratory muscle strength was measured using a Mouth Pressure Meter before and after an incremental, multi-stage shuttle run to volitional fatigue.

Ss with the weakest inspiratory muscles exhibited significantly greater fatigue than those with the strongest muscles.

Implication. Following high intensity fatiguing exercise, the function of inspiration is degraded due to muscular fatigue.

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