From Fitzsimons, P. [07/08/00] Child's play. The Sydney Morning Herald.

[Author] Paul Roberts ...

If a child is encouraged to injure or cheat,
They'll be cautioned and sin-binned and paid with defeat.
If a child is taught hate for the opposite side,
They will gloat when they win and whinge when they slide.
If a child is taught winning is the only thing,
They will miss all the fun of having a fling.
If a child is praised for just taking part,
They'll find self-fulfillment the simplest art.
If a child is encouraged for the good skills they show,
Their faults will recede and vanish, we know.
If a child is taught the team comes before them,
They will shine to the rest, like a shimmering gem.
If a child is given kindness, respect and an ear,
They will love the game truly, for that give a cheer.
In the meantime, Richard Jones, takes a different slant ...
If a child lives with disappointment,
He will play for England.
If a child lives with hopelessness,
He will play for the New Zealand rugby league team.
If a child lives with their deranged and unstable father,
She will play tennis.
If a child lives with a slanted sense of reality,
He will vice-captain the Australian cricket team.
But not for long ...!
You get the drift.

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