Rushall notes, (November, 1997).

Banned drugs are divided into two general categories; CHEATING drugs and STUPIDITY drugs.

CHEATING DRUGS include anabolic steroids that are used to enhance training and eventual competitive performances. They also include drugs in the classes of stimulants, diuretics, and beta-blockers, which are used to provide an edge in competitions.

STUPIDITY DRUGS include marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, among many other "recreational" drugs, which are used to alter moods. They have no effect on competitive performances unless they are used in close proximity to competitions or often enough that they interfere with training quality and volume. Their effects then are usually detrimental. Testing for them is one avenue for exerting influence over the socialization of young people. It is done to show how stupid it is to use this avenue for "entertainment" and "pleasure."

China's athletes' use of cheating drugs, which result in unnaturally high levels of performance, is distinctly different to the actions of Scott Miller who has tested positive for marijuana. The Chinese are accused of being cheats. Miller is accused of being stupid. Both deserve punishment but for different reasons, causes, and projected outcomes.

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