Weltman, J. Y., Kanaley, J. A., Rogol, A. D., Hartman, M. L., Veldhuis, J. D., & Weltman, A. (1997). Repeated bouts of exercise alter the blood lactate (Hla) ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) relationship. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 29(5), Supplement abstract 1231.

Moderately trained Ss (N = 16) performed two bouts of exercise on two different days. Exercise intensity was the power output associated with 70% VO2peak on a cycle ergometer for a duration of 30 minutes. One bout was performed on 90-minute intervals and the other on 2-hour intervals. Diet and exercise start times were controlled.

Lactate decreased with each successive exercise repetition in each session. RPE-legs and RPE-overall increased within each session. RPE-chest did not change in the exercise session.

RPE did not appear to be related to lactate concentrations. RPE should not be used to produce a specific lactate level in repeated bouts of exercise.

Implication. RPE describes the effort required to perform. It changes independently and often in the opposite direction to lactate levels in repeated bouts of exercise.

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