Chwalbinska-Moneta, J, & Hannien, O. (1989). Effect of active warming-up on thermoregulatory, circulatory, and metabolic responses to incremental exercise in endurance-trained athletes. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 10, 25-29.

Male competitive cross-country skiers (N = 10) performed a graded exercise test normally (control) and at least one week later after an active warm-up (10 minutes cycling at 40% VO2max) in a laboratory setting. Various temperature and circulatory responses were recorded.

Deep body temperature and circulatory and ventilatory measures were not affected by the active warm-up. Thermoregulation responses, sweating and skin temperatures, did respond more advantageously after warm-up which attenuated hyperthermia. Anaerobic threshold was also increased after warm-up.

Implication. A moderate amount of submaximal continuous exercise prior to exercise enhances the aerobic endurance capacity of trained endurance athletes.

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