Ariyoshi, M., Tanaka, H., Kanamori, K., Obara, S., Yoshitake, H., Yamaji, K., & Shepard, R. J. (1979). Influence of running pace upon performance: Effects upon oxygen intake, blood lactate, and rating of perceived exertion. Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences, 4, 210-213.

Several general performance protocols for running a middle-distance event were compared. A treadmill (1,400 m; 4 min) run was evaluated at a fast/slow, slow/fast, and steady pace speed distribution.

The fast/slow protocol resulted in a rapid and sustained increase in oxygen uptake, less lactate accumulation, and a lower rating of perceived exertion during the final 2 min of the 4 min run.

Implication. Fast/slow pacing is superior to the other protocols. This is possibly due to the match of effort demanded with progressively waning physiological power.

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