Steinacker, J. M., Lehmann, M. J., Gastmann, U., Opitz-Gress, A., Reibnecker, S., Baur, S., Liu, Y., & Grunert-Fuchs, M. (1996). Intensive bicycle training-related overtraining in less experienced athletes. Medicine and Science in Exercise and Sports, 28(5), Supplement abstract 936.

It was found that less-adapted athletes may be at risk for overtraining during monotonous, intensive, non-cyclic (inadequate rest) training of more than three weeks. Hematological and blood-chemical parameters were inadequate for monitoring the onset of overtraining.

Implication. Less-experienced athletes should be provided adequate rest from the outset of a training period to avoid overtraining. A maximum of three-weeks of intensive training should be programmed before an unloading microcycle is instituted. Blood parameters do not signal the onset of overtraining in this category of performer.

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