Waller, M. F. & Haymes, E. M. (1996). The effects of heat and exercise on sweat iron loss. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 28, 197-203.

Arm sweat was collected from athletic Ss (M = 9, F = 9) sitting in a hot environment, exercising for one hour in a neutral environment, and exercising for one hour in a hot environment. Sweat iron losses were compared to determine if this was a substantial source of iron loss (deficiency).

The following were found.

It was concluded that resting sweat iron concentration can be used to accurately estimate iron loss for one hour of exercise in neutral environments. However, it may overestimate iron loss during exercise in hot environments and during more prolonged exercise.

Implication. Sweat loss is a phenomenon that should be expected to occur. However, when training frequently in hot environments it may cause significant iron loss. Thus, iron supplementation, primarily through natural foods in the diet, should be attended to more in hot environments.

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